Ready to
go green?

At Washbox we take pride in innovative solutions to make sure that the Earth has enough recourses for future generations. Therefore, we have conducted a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and achieved the Nordic Swan Ecolabel for our Washbox car wash concepts – and our green work continues.



At Washbox we continuously work towards sustainable goals in terms of:



Thanks to the intelligent Washbox design, it can be disassembled after use, and the materials are recyclable, which means large resource and energy savings.



Once installed, the Washbox should be able to run on renewable energy for CO2-neutral operation.


Water and wastewater

The Washbox collects rainwater and purifies and recirculates the wash water in a closed system, meaning that no groundwater is used in the process. Thus, we avoid discharging wastewater as a residual product. This results in large groundwater savings. Moreover, the Washbox can be placed anywhere without foundation, which saves resources for foundation, sewerage, and connection.


Minimal water consumption

According to the 2020 statistics from the Danish industry association Drivkraft Danmark, it will save the water environment from more than 1 tonne of metals, 5 tonnes of oil, and 3 tonnes of detergents if all cars are washed in a car wash.

– Manual car washing easily consumes more than 100 liters of water.
– Car washing in the most efficient car washes consumes less than 35 liters of water.
– Car washing in a Washbox on average consumes 16 liters of water.

Even though our Washbox is the car wash with the lowest water consumption, our ambitions do not end here. We are still working on a solution where the water is purified and recycled repeatedly.