We create the green car wash of the future

With the power of innovation, we created Washbox; an innovation of the classic car wash delivered as a complete, architect-designed plug & play solution. With Washbox you get a green ready-to-use solution, meaning that we take care of everything – i.e. construction and project management, contracting work, logistics, warehousing, and transportation as well as handling of building applications and authorities processing.


How do we deliver the Washbox?

The idea behind the Washbox is very simple. As a customer, you can be sure that we take care of all matters:

  • All contracting work, including the handling of building applications and authorities processing.
  • No digging required – all equipment can be installed above the ground. All it takes is the connection of power, water, and sewage.
  • Logistics and warehousing are already taken care of. The Washbox can be delivered to any location – and moved from one location to another.
  • Delivered as a future-proof modular solution.
  • The Washbox includes all relevant services such as surveillance and products for cleaning and care.
  • Customized additional products for additional sales, including signs, changing station, vacuum cleaner, coffee shop, etc. for an optimized customer experience.
  • Full service at a fixed price.


Know-how and full quality assurance

Washbox was founded in 2019 and is one of four subsidiaries in the Ipart Group A/S. Over the years, Washbox has established a successful business within traditional gas station construction.

We have many years of experience with project design, setup, and servicing of gas stations. By virtue of our background and experience, Washbox is based on a solid professional and financial foundation. On other words: As an experienced and well-reputed company, we offer our customers safety and professionalism.

Furthermore, we guarantee full quality assurance as we are certified in accordance with EN 1090, we have achieved the CE Mark in accordance with the Machinery Directive, and our corrosion resistance has been reviewed and controlled by the Technological Institute.

At Washbox we work closely together to make every day innovative, customer-oriented, and fun. We know that happy employees form the basis for a good customer experience. As we are so dedicated to our job, it is always a pleasure to work at Washbox. If your job makes sense, innovation and excellent service also become a natural part of your daily life.


How we work at Washbox


We desire to be Northern Europe’s most attractive partner in sustainable modular construction through a smart conceptual design that creates value for all of us.



We create additional business for companies with access to large customer groups with transport vehicles. By understanding our customers’ needs, we offer prefabricated and scalable total solutions through strong innovative power.